Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Comedian and all-around sweetheart Chris Garcia is this week's guest.  He and Dave talk about what it's like wanting desperately to belong and growing up out of place.  Chris shares a bunch of adorable/horrifying stories on the subject and Dave bashes teachers.  HE DIDN'T MEAN TO.

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Dave interviews his good friend and fellow comedian Jesse Case.  They joke around a bit, then just get into it.  Jesse's breakup, self-loathing, panic attacks...  All of that and more comes up.  Also, they make fart sounds.

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In this inaugural episode, Dave Ross interviews Kyle Kinane!  What a sweet man he is.  They talk therapy, the fairness and unfairness of being judgmental, stand-up comedy, growing up nerdy, and their friend Bryan.  Also, Dave stutters.

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