Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Christian Spicer, comedian and beloved member of the Nerdist team, joins Dave in the studio today.  Death is the topic.  And positivity.  Death and positivity and the ways in which one can live forever.  SPOILER ALERT:  Christian will die.

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Petey Dammit, bassist/guitarist in the acclaimed garage punk band Thee Oh Sees, joins Dave this week.  Recorded in Petey's kitchen in San Francisco!  Petey, who is possibly the world's sweetest and kindest man, straight-up hates himself, and spends this episode rooting around in his brain to reveal why.

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Joining Dave on the "couch" this week is "comedian" Sean Patton!  (Sean actually is a great comedian.  There is no couch.)  The two rant about negative people, a fear of leading a sedentary life, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other things.  After the interview, Sean threatens to interview Dave back.

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This week's guest is comedian/writer Megan Koester.  It gets, as they say, "real".  Megan and Dave discuss friends and the lack thereof, putting up walls and putting up fronts, a fear of being misunderstood, and a certain character from her past.

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