Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Rob Gleeson is Dave's guest this week!  They talk comedy, and getting older in comedy, and regret, and the possibility of regretting doing comedy.  Lots of comedy talk.  They also discuss Rob's family life and what it's like to come out as gay to a comedy scene!  Lots and lots of comedy talk.

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Dave's guest this week is his good friend and fellow comic, Allen Strickland Williams.  They talk hospitals and sickness and physical pain and being nice.  Allen's nice.  Real real nice.

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This week, Dave interviews Chemda Khalili!  Of the Keith and the Girl podcast!  They dive headfirst into self-image issues, feeling fat, judgment from others, and more.  They also talk about sex!  Dave has never done that.

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Will Weldon joins Dave in the Nerdist studio this week!  They talk Will's recent divorce, and all the horror and anxiety that came along with it.  Other topics include hardcore liberalism and straight-up hating yourself.

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Joining Dave in the studio this week is...  KATIE!  Katie Levine, that is, producer of all Nerdist podcasts and all-around sweet and hilarious lady.  After years of sitting on the sidelines and leaving us to wonder, Katie grabs the mic and lets us inside her head.  She has horrible ADHD, for a start.  Dave also has that!

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