Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Joey Izzo is a filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA.  He's great.  Dave's a big fan of his.  They talk about the oversaturation of people with art and culture and "content" in the modern world, and how they think its both hurt and helped their lives.  They also talk about detachment from your loved ones, and not being present in your relationships.  Near the end, they discussed changes in DAVE.  It was a great conversation.  They both thought so.  For real.

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James Fritz is a stand-up comic based in Los Angeles, CA.  He and Dave talk about love, and what it is to be a good comic, and what it is to be a good person, and what it is to fail at all three of those things.  

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Kate Berlant is a comedian based in Los Angeles, California.  She and Dave discuss her paranoia that something awful is about to happen, at any time, for no reason.  They talk panic attacks and social panic and just panic in general.  Also swastikas.  For real.

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Greg Katz is a musician in Los Angeles, and bass player for the band LA Font, who wrote the Terrified theme song!  Or rather, they wrote a song named Strangest Dream, and then graciously donated it years later to be the Terrified theme song.  Regardless, Dave and Greg talk about the music scene, and the comedy scene, and their similarities to one another, and the ways that one can do wrong while coming up in either.  It was a huge relief to both of them that it's so similar in other art forms, and also horrifying, for the exact same reason.

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The Beast Village Comedy Festival had its first year this year, in the East Village neighborhood of Des Moines.  It was SO FUN.  This live episode was recorded in the basement of the Des Moines Social Club, and features comedian and festival founder Dan Umthun, Chicago comedian Ashley Huck, New York-based comedian Andy Sandford, and road dog extroardinaire Sam Tallent having a god damn breakdown. We say again:  SO FUN.

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Solomon Georgio is a comedian in Los Angeles, CA.  He and Dave talk about his abusive family history, and the emotional distance he's put between himself and everything around him as a result.  They also talk about porn for thirty minutes.


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Batman is a superhero based in Gotham City. He and Dave discuss his parents' death. And bats. Happy Halloween! Maybe become a fan of comedian Joe Starr.

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John Butler is a writer and director based in Ireland!  He is also gay, and is afraid that maybe he isn't overtly gay enough.  He and Dave discuss his homosexuality, and the possibility that he is suppressing parts of his personality as a result of institutionalized fear of homosexuality.


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Baron Vaughn is an L.A.-based comedian and actor.  He and Dave discuss his fear that he'll never get out from under his debt, and that he'll be judged for doing so.  They dive pretty deep, and we'll say no more than that here.  Enjoy.

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Goodrich Gevaart is a stand-up comic in Chicago. He and Dave disucss mental illness and emotional problems, and what it takes to eradicate them. Goodrich is afraid that, depsite all his hard work, he'll never be better, and they discuss that fear at length. They both love punk rock, and they talk about how much they both love punk rock, especially when punk rock is nice. Anna Seregina comes back at the end to talk a little more about self-loathing.

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Eliza Skinner is a comedian based in Los Angeles, CA.  She and Dave discuss showing your feelings to your friends, showing too much of your feelings to your friends, the fear that doing so could hurt your friendships, and the fear that not doing so could hurt your friendships.  Also, they talk about lifeguards, and Anna Seregina shows up at the end for some listener mail.

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Marcella Arguello is a comedian based in Los Angeles, CA, and also kind of in San Francisco, CA.  She and Dave talk about her dad, and what she's been going through since his passing.  She's afraid of letting him down, and feels extra pressure to succeed as a result.  They talk about her relationship with him, and the rest of her family, and how it's improved dramatically over time.  Also, Anna Seregina and Dave read a piece of listener mail.  They talk about Anna's twitter handle a lot.


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Joe Sib is a comedian, storyteller, musician and co-owner of SideOneDummy Records.  He and Dave talk about the fear of being exposed as a fraud in your craft, and about being dick.  Joe says he used to be a dick sometimes, and he worked to not be a dick anymore.  Dave doesn't think he's a dick, though.  At the end, Dave revisits body dysmorphia, as discussed in the Julian McCullough episode.

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Live from SDCC 2014, it's the Nerdist Podcast Super Panel with Matt Mira (Nerdist, James Bonding), Jonah Ray (Nerdist, Jonah Raydio), Janet Varney (The JV Club), Cole Stratton (Pop My Culture), Gil Letelier (The Mutant Season), Ben Blacker (Nerdist Writers Panel, Nerdist Comics Panel, Thrilling Adventure Hour), Ben Acker (Thrilling Adventure Hour), Sandra Daugherty (Sex Nerd Sandra) and Dave Ross (Terrified)!

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Ron Babcock is a comedian in L.A. and a good friend of Dave's. They talk claustrophobia and being buried alive, and Ron's fear of a desperate death.  And Anna Seregina's back yet again to read some listener mail!

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Rhea Butcher is a stand-up comedian and a friend of Dave's!  She's great.  They talk obsession, and being obsessive, and the positive and negative ways of dealing with such things.  They also delve into the fears that drive one to be obsessive, or is it the reverse?  They actually don't know.  And Anna Seregina comes back to read listener mail!  
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Jackie Kashian is a world-touring comic based in Los Angeles, CA.  She and Dave talk death, and the fear of death, and the fear of not dying well.  She's been surrounded with death the past few years, yet somehow laughs and jokes about it extensively.  Also!  The show upgrades!  Dave is so excited.  More radio sweepers and more segments and Anna Seregina helps host and Dave is so excited.  Just so excited.

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Daniel Van Kirk is a comic actor and performer in Los Angeles, CA.  He's had an unconventional trajectory in comedy, and he and Dave talk about it.  He's afraid of being pigeon-holed as one of his characters, and bothered by not having a crew or homebase in comedy, and they talked about that, too.  Daniel and Dave have a burgeoning friendship that will, hopefully for both of them, blossom into something years- and years-long.

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Dave Waite is a comedian from Ohio, and currently based in Los Angeles, California.  Dave (Ross) is a huge fan of his, and he honestly would not shut up about it on the episode.  They discuss laziness, and the fear of failure that comes along with being afflicted with laziness.  They also go on some rants about hecklers and policing comedy, and proceed to get horribly self-conscious about what they said.

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Doug Mellard is a touring comedian based in L.A.  He and Dave discussed anxiety, and anxiety attacks, and the debilitating nature of anxiety and anxiety attacks.  Dave has them, but Doug has them worse.  They both have them on stage!  But Doug has them worse.

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Jay Weingarten is a comic and show producer in Los Angeles, CA.  He and Dave discuss Jay's fears of living an unhappy life, and of not self-actualizing.  They discuss the very real way in which stand-up comedy can make you feel better, and give you an unrestricted outlet for your creativity.  Basically, they talk about how stand-up comedy saved their lives.

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ONE YEAR! It's the one-year anniversary of this show!  Thank you! Thank you for listening and supporting this little show where we point and laugh at our own feelings.  You're the best, and you're the only reason we're here.

And as it's been a year, Dave decided it's about time he put himself under the microscope.  His good friend, Jake Weisman, agreed to come in and play the role of host for an hour.  They discussed many-a-thing, but mostly low self-esteem and not being liked.  Dave is convinced that no one likes him, and he realizes that it's insane to think so when he has very real friends in his life, but he nonetheless has a lot of trouble shaking the feeling that no one likes him.  He and Jake discuss that, where it comes from, why it persists, what it does to his life and relationships, and how to possibly get rid of it. They also play a soundbyte that Tony Thaxton made over and over and over again.

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Andy Juett is a stand-up comic, writer, actor, director, producer and father in Denver, Colorado.  He and Dave discussed his occasional feelings of being overwhelmed by these things, as well as his divorce, recent breakup, and subsequent fear of being alone.  The episode closes with some realizations that they both have been led horribly astray by romantic comedies.

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Mike Lawrence is a comedian and writer based in New York City.  He and Dave discuss what it's like to be an open mic comedian, and to be an up-and-coming comic in a big scene.  In the same vein, they discuss
what it is to be mean when you're young, and to feel remorse about it later in life.

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Pat Bishop is a comedian, writer and director in Los Angeles, CA.  He's also in Dave's sketch group and one of his good friends.  They discuss social awkwardness, and being shy, and Pat's fear of his relationships suffering because of his shyness.  At one point, he and Dave have a real, human moment, and Dave blushes.

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Emily Gordon is a writer, performer, producer and host of the podcast The Indoor Kids (also on Nerdist).  She is also a former therapist, and in recovery from hating herself!  Emily and Dave discuss what makes one hate oneself, and what one does to combat it -- the walls put up and the facades presented.  They also discuss getting better! And feeling better.  And the road to being a happy person.  They laugh a lot.  Like a whole lot.

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This episode was recorded live from O'Leaver's Pub in Omaha, Nebraska, during the second annual Crom Comedy Festival!  Dave is noticeably hungover and devoid all of nutrients in his diet.  His guests were hometown hero and hilarious comedian, Ryan De La Garza, who outlined his fear that he may have a child somewhere in the world.  Next came the undeniable Ben Kronberg, who discussed decision-making and an inability to do so, along with some not-so-subtle jabs at Roseanne. And finally, the Puterbaugh Sisters, a comic duo from Chicago who stole the festival for Dave with their stories of what they dislike about each other.  Big ups to Ian Douglas Terry and the rest of OK Party Comedy for putting together such a magnificent festival.

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Kevin White is a stand-up comic and podcast host in Chicago, IL.  He and Dave made fast friends at a show in Kevin's home town of St. Louis, MO, and moved quickly to record this episode together at Crom Fest a few weeks later.  They talk the anxieties of being a touring comedian, and a social person who is also a comedian, and a comedian who wants other comedians to like him, and more.  Also...  DAVE CRIES. Kevin got Dave to cry.  It took 45 episodes, and Dave, at long last, cried on his show.  He loved it.

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Recorded live at The High Watt in Nashville, Tennessee and masterfully produced by Brandon Jazz (of Corporate Juggernaut), this episode features three undeniably great performers -- John-Michael Bond, Julia Luce and Coco Hames.  Each of their mini-interviews was riddled with laughs and intensity for completely a different reason than the next.  Also, it was raining outside and Dave got scared.

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Leon Blanda is a comedian from New Orleans, Lousiana.  He bends Dave's ear about government conspiracies and the helplessness of being an ordinary citizen.  They recorded the interview at the beach, which made them both feel pretty weird.

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Chris Thayer is a comedian based in Los Angeles.  He and Dave discuss self-centeredness, awareness of the feelings of others, and straight-up narcissism.  (Also other things.)  Recorded live from Dave's car in San Diego, CA.

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Anna Seregina is a great comic and one of Dave's best friends.  They had a great time.  They played old 90s singles and talked a lot of trash, and also discussed Anna's upbringing in detail.  She is Russian-born with an OCD-riddled mother.  Dave was fascinated.

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Bert McCracken is the lead singer of The Used.  He discusses the failing American system with Dave, and anarchy, and anarchism, and Occupy, and what might happen if America continues down its current path.  They had fun, and the discussion is decidedly different from most others so far on Terrified.

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Alice Wetterlund is a writer, stand-up comic, and friend of Dave's.  She and Dave talked her fear and fascination of sharks, and then went deeper and deeper from there.  They got so deep, in fact, that they didn't have time to finish everything!  To be continued, for sure.

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Adam Lazzara is the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday.  He and Dave talk kids, failure, getting picked on, getting fame, losing fame, becoming cool, becoming UNcool, and Adam's stutter, just to name a few things.  It was about the sweetest conversation Dave ever had.  At the end, they had to scream over Sleepwave sound-checking.  It was a good time.

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Anthony Raneri is the lead singer and rhythm guitarst for pop punk Bayside.  He and Dave talk the artistic process, and all types of fears of failure.  They also talked war a bit, and courage, and YouTube comments, and their inherent lack of courage.  They had fun.

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Grace Helbig is a wildly popular comedian and YouTube personality.  She and Dave talk the divide between the conventional comedy worlds and YouTube, amongst other things.  Grace is also the nicest person to ever have lived.

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Brendan Kelly is the bassist/vocalist for famed punk band The Lawrence Arms.  He and Dave talked self-loathing, and self-loving, and dealing with self-loathing while raising children.  They also talked about how they both feel really, really dumb all the time.  (With Dave it's true.)

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Jake Weisman is an incredible comedian and one of Dave's best friends.  They talk pushing people away, and judging others, and the loneliness and terror that comes from pushing people away and judging others.  Jake also knows Dave really well, so they talk about Dave for a bit.  For awhile, actually.  They talk about Dave a lot.  Like it's kind of off-putting how much they talk about Dave.

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Clare O'Kane is a comedian in Los Angeles and a good friend of Dave's.  They talk failure, and comedy, and success, and success in comedy and failure in comedy.  They both feel like failures and they are both WRONG.  (Only Clare is wrong.)

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Andrew Orvedahl is a comedian based in Denver, Colorado, and honestly?  He's delightful.  He and Dave talked drinking and quitting drinking and kids and quitting drinking because of your kids.  Also, turns out that if you have kids, you are constantly worried you're going to die.

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It's Terrified's first (successful) live recording!  Straight outta San Francisco Sketchfest, three of Dave's favorites joined him on stage.  Barbara Gray kicked it off, then Karen Kilgariff, and a grand finale from Eddie Pepitone.  There was some screaming, some extreme fear, some roleplaying, and a straight-up existential crisis.  Also laughs.  Like hella laughs.

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Andrew Polk is a friend of Dave's and fellow comedian, based in New Orleans.  They talked growing up home-schooled, and growing up religious, and a fear of feeling left out.  They also discussed a mistake that Dave made that he will feel bad about forever.

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John F. O'Donnell is a sweet man, and a hilarious man, and a stand-up comic in New York, and a friend of Dave's.  They talked disorders of the mind, and John's occasional breakdowns, and how they happen, and how he's dealt with them, and the fears and anxiety that have come along with them.  Don't worry, it's fine!  It's all going to be fine.

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Mikal is a wildly prolific songwriter and musician based in San Francisco, and also just about the sweetest man who ever lived.  He and Dave talked growing up, and working hard, and procrastinating, and a fear of "never getting your shit together".  Dave could relate.  Also, Dave is more screwed up than Mikal.  They figured that out.

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Emily Heller is Dave's guest this week!  She's a great comedian and a great friend and she's doing great.  Dave and Emily get a little confused as to what they're going to talk about, because of how great Emily is doing.  They discuss judgment, and the judgment of others, and disliking yourself for the judgment of others.  Emily is doing great.

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Dave is joined in the studio this week by a great comic, and a great friend of his, Eric Dadourian.  Eric is the sweetest.  You'll love it.

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Dave is joined this week fellow comedian Chris Charpentier!  Chris is a comic in Denver, and Dave loves him dearly.  You should too.  They discussed feeling stupid, and feeling uneducated, and feeling separate because you feel stupid and uneducated.  Chris had an interesting school experience, to say the least.  Dave did not.

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From his dining room table in Denver, Colorado, Adam Cayton-Holland joins Dave on the podcast this week.  They discuss the weight and the worry of making the big decisions in one's career, and what the entertainment industry can do to a man.  They then move on to discuss family, and friends, and tragedy.  Adam is a god damn sweetheart.

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Joining Dave in the studio this week is none other than comedian, actor and television personality Dave Holmes!  They talk growing up Catholic, and feeling separate, and trying hard to fit in, and rejecting your own identity.  Both Daves have no idea who they are anymore.

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