Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Batman is a superhero based in Gotham City. He and Dave discuss his parents' death. And bats. Happy Halloween! Maybe become a fan of comedian Joe Starr.

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John Butler is a writer and director based in Ireland!  He is also gay, and is afraid that maybe he isn't overtly gay enough.  He and Dave discuss his homosexuality, and the possibility that he is suppressing parts of his personality as a result of institutionalized fear of homosexuality.


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Baron Vaughn is an L.A.-based comedian and actor.  He and Dave discuss his fear that he'll never get out from under his debt, and that he'll be judged for doing so.  They dive pretty deep, and we'll say no more than that here.  Enjoy.

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Goodrich Gevaart is a stand-up comic in Chicago. He and Dave disucss mental illness and emotional problems, and what it takes to eradicate them. Goodrich is afraid that, depsite all his hard work, he'll never be better, and they discuss that fear at length. They both love punk rock, and they talk about how much they both love punk rock, especially when punk rock is nice. Anna Seregina comes back at the end to talk a little more about self-loathing.

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Eliza Skinner is a comedian based in Los Angeles, CA.  She and Dave discuss showing your feelings to your friends, showing too much of your feelings to your friends, the fear that doing so could hurt your friendships, and the fear that not doing so could hurt your friendships.  Also, they talk about lifeguards, and Anna Seregina shows up at the end for some listener mail.

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