Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Ahamed Weinberg is a comedian based in Los Angeles, California, and a good friend of Dave's. Pretty much immediately in the episode, Dave makes a horrible conversational faux pas with Ahamed, and spends like ten minutes apologizing for it. Once the dust settles from that, Ahamed and Dave discuss Islam, Ahamed's Muslim upbringing, and both the love and the guilt that came from this upbringing. They then move onto discuss Ahamed's recent decision to leave his job, and his fear that he made the wrong decision. Seems like he made the right one, though. Dave is pretty sure of it.

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Garrick Bernard is a stand-up comic and writer based in Los Angeles, CA. He and Dave discuss the idea of being funny, and the things one does throughout one's life to get good at being funny, before even making the decision to try stand-up. They also talk being afraid that you're not funny, and worrying at every moment that people will stop thinking you're funny or have never thought you were funny at all. Dave gives Garrick homework. It was honestly weird of him.

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Kevin Brody is a comedian and podcaster based in Chicago. He and Dave talk about his father, and his father's Alzheimer's, and the difficulty he's having dealing with his father's Alzheimer's, in every way possible. They talk about grief and pain and abuse and coping with those things despite being unable to talk to your family about it. They also talk about jokes. They both love jokes!

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Jeff Wattenhofer is a comedian based in L.A., and is a longtime friend of Dave's.  They started stand-up together!  They used to run HOLY FUCK together.  They reminisce for awhile and then get into Jeff's frustration with the current comedy scene, now six years after starting.  He lays out, in detail, the options he has as a grown adult -- focus on a happy, fulfilling, normal American life or keep focusing on comedy and let it keep being hurtful and difficult and still not make it.  Jeff and Dave seriously stress each other out with these thoughts, but then come around to an optimistic place at the end.  No but for real HOLY FUCK though.

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Caitlin Gill is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles, California.  And she just got her first writing job!  Dave and Caitlin talk about that, and what it took to do that, and what it takes to make it as a comedian in general.  They also talk about friendship and feeling wanted in a lonely, oversaturated city like L.A., and the millions of ways a person -- particularly an awkward or an anxious person -- can sabotage themselves socially.  They also talk about judging themselves, and how they should not judge themselves, and then fail at that.  Don't worry, everyone does!

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Danny Lobell is a comedian and storyteller in Los Angeles, CA. He and Dave discuss being a comedian, and being happy as a comedian. They discuss the idea of accepting oneself, and what it takes to do that. Danny really seems to have done that. Dave is impressed.

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This episode was recorded live from the annual Savage Henry Comedy Festival on September 5, 2015 in Arcata, Caifornia. WHAT AN AMAZING FESTIVAL. Dave and Anna had so much fun. They talked to Humboldt and Savage Henry Magazine's own Christ Durant, as well their friend and hilarious SF-based comedian Kate Willett, and the one and only Billy Wayne Davis about pretty much every fear under the sun. Find a copy of Savage Henry Magazine NOW and get to next year's festival WHEN IT HAPPENS NEXT YEAR.

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Chris Conley is a songwriter and musician, and lead singer of Saves The Day. He's also just the nicest and most thoughtful guy. He and Dave and Anna talk sadness, and anxiety, and emo, and the long journey of learning how to be better. They talk for a long time about Chris's music, and how it's developed over time, and the stress and difficulty of moving forward in your career and life when some people are stuck in its past. They also talk about performing, and encountering disrespect when you're performing, and just dealing with disrespectful people in general. They had a great time. Dave and Anna literally miss Chris right now.

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Soupy is the lead singer of The Wonder Years and about the sweetest person alive.  He and Dave discuss fear, and extreme fear, and specific extreme fears, and dealing with those specific extreme fear.  Soupy is particularly in tune with the fears in his life, which fascinated Dave.  They also discussed the escape of those fears with art and music.  It was great.  Hope you enjoy.  Fun fact:  they were in trailer on Warped Tour in the rain.  Yeah.  It was great.

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This episode comes to you live from Cynic Cave, in the basement of Lost Weekend Video, in the Mission district of San Francisco, California. It's about our favorite comedy venue in one of our favorite cities, and the lineup was filled with some of our favorite people. We talk about it in the show -- we literally did not have enough time to interview all the people in San Francisco we love. There are just too many. Our first guest was the RETURN of Petey Dammit! He's one of our favorites. And the following was Joey Devine, another one of our favorites, and then Natasha Muse, ANOTHER of our favorites, and finally Kaseem Bentley, damn near our favorite. He roasted Dave for hours it seemed. And Dave loved it. Each guest opened up in a different way about a different thing. It's one of our favorite episodes to date. (Maybe you can tell by how much we use the word "favorite".)

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They're back!  We're back!  (It's back.)  Dave and Anna hang out together.  They talk about their return, and how they've been feeling, and where the show's going to go, and what happened in the last five months while they were away, and what they're afraid of, and what they dislike about themselves.  Did they solve all of their problems during the show's hiatus?  Every single problem?  In just five months?  Are they totally fine now?  Listen and find out.  Also, they sing 90s songs.  OTHER 90s songs.

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Dave and Anna are BACK!  They are back from tour and they are BACK ONLINE.  Here lies the first live episode they ever did in their home town of Los Angeles, and it's at their home theater, The Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown.  It was so much fun.  One of the best live shows either of them have done, podcast OR stand-up.  Simon Gibson did stand-up, Joey Izzo showed some videos and Karen Kilgariff played some songs, each followed by an interview about fear and self-loathing.  It's a weird mish-mash of media, jokes and screaming, and we think you'll love it.  Tune in next week for a check in from Dave and Anna about their hiatus, returning from hiatus, where the show's been, where the show's going, and 90s radio hits.  But right now, enjoy Terrified Live from NerdMelt.  :)


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This is not an episode.  I mean...  It's kind of an episode.  But it's a short episode?  IT'S NOT AN EPISODE.  Look, the show has been on hiatus, and it's not back yet.  But it's ALMOST back.  And Anna and Dave wanted to let you know that it's almost back, and talk about what they're gonna do when the show IS back, so they recorded this little teaser episode.  They joke and laugh and talk about their upcoming 2015 California tour (8/27 to 9/7), their live show in SF (8/28), their live show in Humboldt (9/5), and their live show in good ollllllll' Los Angeles (9/7).  And weekly episodes of the podcast return to Nerdist on 9/16!  They can't wait.  They just can't wait.

For more info on the tour, click here 

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This week's guest is...  NO ONE.  Or...  EVERYONE!  It's just Anna and Dave this week.  They catch up.  They catch on the show, on their lives, and on their love of 90s radio hits.  They also make an announcement.  It's a saddening announcement, and also an exciting one.  They're broke, you see.  Broke, and overwhelmed, and having a hard time, and also doing great.  They have to take a break from doing the show for a few months, and they explain why.  They love you.  They'll see you in September.

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This episode was recorded live at the Floodwater Comedy Festival in Iowa City, Iowa on April 19, 2015!  The fest was so fun.  Dave talks to Daniel Frana, who ran the festival, Quad Cities comedian and screamo keyboardist Andrew Cline, Chicago-based touring comedian Emily Galati, and the mortal soul of Des Moines comedy, Ryan Solomon.  Each brought their own weirdness to the table.  It was great.

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Wendi Starling is a comedian who recently moved from Los Angeles to New York City.  She talks depression, and mental illness, and medication, and drug use, and she talks about rape.  She was raped.  She's very open about it.  It's heartbreaking, and so awful, and she talks about it in detail, both what happened then and what's happened since.  It's honestly impressive and brave how open she is about it.  This is also, as it happens, the first time Anna conducts the interview!  Dave's not there.  They make fun of him a little.

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Joe Wagner is an insanely funny writer and performer in Los Angeles, California.  He and Dave are big fans of each other.  They talk about that, and love, and loving your friends, and romantic love, and being without romantic love, and walking alone through the streets of Los Angeles without romantic love and still feeling loved.  They also talk about loss.  Joe is afraid that he won't be able to handle his next great personal loss.

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Tony Thaxton is a musician, writer, performer and podcaster based in Los Angeles, California.  He was also, for years, the drummer for the band Motion City Soundtrack!  He and Dave discuss that, and then move on to Tony's fear of getting yelled at.  He's scared at every moment of saying the wrong thing, and of getting yelled at for it.  They then move on to Tony's total lack of confidence, and Dave's total lack of confidence, and the episode devolves into them apologizing to each other until they fall asleep.

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Ryan Singer is a stand-up comic based in L.A.  He and Dave talk about his start in stand-up comedy in Dayton, Ohio, and the alcoholism and frustration and insanity that came out of that.  They also discuss Ryan's fear of being a joke, and his attempt to control the laughter coming his way by being a stand-up comedian.

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Mikal Cronin is a musician now based in Los Angeles, California!  Last time he and Dave talked, Mikal was living in San Francisco, where he'd lived for a long time.  Dave had him back on the show to discuss his feelings about his music and himself after recording his new album, MCIII.  The last time they talked, Mikal was frustrated and despondent about making music, and worried he couldn't do it.  Now that he's made a new (incredible) album, he and Dave revisit his feelings on creating again.  They also discuss wasting time, and focusing, and wasting too much time to focus.  They had fun.  Mikal's great.

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Brent Sullivan is a comedian in Los Angeles, CA.  He and Dave discuss dating in the gay community, and Brent's frustrations with that, and with interacting with people in general.  They also talk stand-up comedy.  They are both in love with and angry at stand-up comedy.

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Georgea Brooks is a comedian from Los Angeles by way of Toronto.  She and Dave discuss intimidation by men in different capacities, and how it's changed the way she carries herself and sees the world.  They go further to discuss assault and abuse of women by men, and how it's affected her.  Dave was floored by the interview.  They also discuss Jon Schabl!

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Todd Glass is a comedian and podcast host in Los Angeles.  He and Dave talk about not doing things because you're scared.  Todd holds back from trying new things if he doesn't think he's gonna be good at them -- singing, for example.  This fear carries over into dating, and he and Dave discuss how difficult that's been for him since getting out of a long relationship and publicly coming out as gay.  

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Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian based in the SOUTH BAY of Los Angeles, California.  He and Dave discuss the South Bay at length.  They also talk anxiety, and being comfortable with one's own anxiety, and being afraid of sharing one's anxiety with others.  Tom doesn't want to tell others he's anxious, you see.  And neither does Dave.  

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Kevin Bigley is an actor in L.A.  He and Dave discuss narcissism, and his fear of becoming a narcissist, and how everyone in Hollywood is in immediate danger of becoming an awful, narcissistic douchebag at any moment.  Kevin is not a douchebag.  Dave checked.

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Megan Rosati is an actor and writer in Los Angeles, CA.  She and Dave discuss her fear that she's chosen the wrong path in life, and that she'll be sent to live with her sisters in shame.  They discuss the other possible paths she could've taken, and her fear that her life will not be as fulfilling or interesting or safe or complete as a result of not taking those paths.  They talk failure, and pushing for a dream.  They also discuss how they know each other, and we suppose you'll just have to listen to see what we mean by that.

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Moshe Kasher is a comedian and author based in Los Angeles. He and Dave discuss the double life he led as a child, splitting his years between the conventional American community that is Oakland, California and a strict Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York.  The talk the differences between the two, the ways he was ostracized from each, how it affected him then and now, and on and on and on.  It was fascinating.  Dave was absolutely fascinated.  

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Megan Amram is a comedy writer based in Los Angeles, CA.  She and Dave discuss her fear of her own hands, and wrists, and touching her hands and wrists, and other people touching her hands and wrists.  Dave does not touch her hands and wrists, or his own hands and wrists, out of respect.

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Marty DeRosa is a stand-up comedian who just moved to Los Angeles from Chicago.  He and Dave talk depression, and getting better, and taking medication, and really everything surrounding clinical depression and the painful process of trying to beat it.  They also talk wrestling!  Dave was intrigued.

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Sean Green is an LA-based comedian, writer and podcaster. He chronicles his battle with testicular cancer to Dave, and all the fear and anxiety that went/goes along with that. Also, turns out, they both hate Fireball.

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Aristotle Acevedo was born and bred in Alhambra, California and is the producer of THIS PODCAST.  He and Dave talk about all kinds of fear and self-loathing, from not having friends to feeling like you have no friends to feeling like you can't do anything right to suicide.  Dave thinks Aristotle is great, and spends a certain amount of time berating him about how he should never commit suicide.  They somehow managed to not talk about pop punk that much.

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