Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Mikal Cronin is a musician now based in Los Angeles, California!  Last time he and Dave talked, Mikal was living in San Francisco, where he'd lived for a long time.  Dave had him back on the show to discuss his feelings about his music and himself after recording his new album, MCIII.  The last time they talked, Mikal was frustrated and despondent about making music, and worried he couldn't do it.  Now that he's made a new (incredible) album, he and Dave revisit his feelings on creating again.  They also discuss wasting time, and focusing, and wasting too much time to focus.  They had fun.  Mikal's great.

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Brent Sullivan is a comedian in Los Angeles, CA.  He and Dave discuss dating in the gay community, and Brent's frustrations with that, and with interacting with people in general.  They also talk stand-up comedy.  They are both in love with and angry at stand-up comedy.

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Georgea Brooks is a comedian from Los Angeles by way of Toronto.  She and Dave discuss intimidation by men in different capacities, and how it's changed the way she carries herself and sees the world.  They go further to discuss assault and abuse of women by men, and how it's affected her.  Dave was floored by the interview.  They also discuss Jon Schabl!

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Todd Glass is a comedian and podcast host in Los Angeles.  He and Dave talk about not doing things because you're scared.  Todd holds back from trying new things if he doesn't think he's gonna be good at them -- singing, for example.  This fear carries over into dating, and he and Dave discuss how difficult that's been for him since getting out of a long relationship and publicly coming out as gay.  

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