Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Wendi Starling is a comedian who recently moved from Los Angeles to New York City.  She talks depression, and mental illness, and medication, and drug use, and she talks about rape.  She was raped.  She's very open about it.  It's heartbreaking, and so awful, and she talks about it in detail, both what happened then and what's happened since.  It's honestly impressive and brave how open she is about it.  This is also, as it happens, the first time Anna conducts the interview!  Dave's not there.  They make fun of him a little.

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Joe Wagner is an insanely funny writer and performer in Los Angeles, California.  He and Dave are big fans of each other.  They talk about that, and love, and loving your friends, and romantic love, and being without romantic love, and walking alone through the streets of Los Angeles without romantic love and still feeling loved.  They also talk about loss.  Joe is afraid that he won't be able to handle his next great personal loss.

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Tony Thaxton is a musician, writer, performer and podcaster based in Los Angeles, California.  He was also, for years, the drummer for the band Motion City Soundtrack!  He and Dave discuss that, and then move on to Tony's fear of getting yelled at.  He's scared at every moment of saying the wrong thing, and of getting yelled at for it.  They then move on to Tony's total lack of confidence, and Dave's total lack of confidence, and the episode devolves into them apologizing to each other until they fall asleep.

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Ryan Singer is a stand-up comic based in L.A.  He and Dave talk about his start in stand-up comedy in Dayton, Ohio, and the alcoholism and frustration and insanity that came out of that.  They also discuss Ryan's fear of being a joke, and his attempt to control the laughter coming his way by being a stand-up comedian.

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