Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Kevin Brody is a comedian and podcaster based in Chicago. He and Dave talk about his father, and his father's Alzheimer's, and the difficulty he's having dealing with his father's Alzheimer's, in every way possible. They talk about grief and pain and abuse and coping with those things despite being unable to talk to your family about it. They also talk about jokes. They both love jokes!

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Jeff Wattenhofer is a comedian based in L.A., and is a longtime friend of Dave's.  They started stand-up together!  They used to run HOLY FUCK together.  They reminisce for awhile and then get into Jeff's frustration with the current comedy scene, now six years after starting.  He lays out, in detail, the options he has as a grown adult -- focus on a happy, fulfilling, normal American life or keep focusing on comedy and let it keep being hurtful and difficult and still not make it.  Jeff and Dave seriously stress each other out with these thoughts, but then come around to an optimistic place at the end.  No but for real HOLY FUCK though.

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Caitlin Gill is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles, California.  And she just got her first writing job!  Dave and Caitlin talk about that, and what it took to do that, and what it takes to make it as a comedian in general.  They also talk about friendship and feeling wanted in a lonely, oversaturated city like L.A., and the millions of ways a person -- particularly an awkward or an anxious person -- can sabotage themselves socially.  They also talk about judging themselves, and how they should not judge themselves, and then fail at that.  Don't worry, everyone does!

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Danny Lobell is a comedian and storyteller in Los Angeles, CA. He and Dave discuss being a comedian, and being happy as a comedian. They discuss the idea of accepting oneself, and what it takes to do that. Danny really seems to have done that. Dave is impressed.

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