Terrified with Dave Ross & Anna Seregina

Dave and Anna send the podcast into the abyss in the best possible way.  Three of their favorites perform -- Kyle Kinane, Kyle Mizono and Guy Branum -- each of whom addresses fear and anxiety in a hilarious and beautiful way, and each uniquely different from everyone else on the show.  It ended with Dave and Anna opening the mic up to anyone who wanted to confess their anxieties and fears, which found almost everyone in the theater coming to the stage.  It was wonderful.  The show ended with a cameo from Debra DiGiovanni, who was brought up to defend her home country of Canada from Guy's barrage of insults against it earlier in the show.  Thank you to everyone who listened, wrote in and cared for this show.  We love you and we'll never forget how important this show was, and is, to all of us.

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Anna and Dave give Terrified a proper send-off.  This is the last studio-recorded episode of the show, and the second to last ever (or at least for a long while).  The last episode will be recorded live, February 29th, 2016 at NerdMelt.  In this last discussion, Anna and Dave do a little bit of everything -- they joke around, they come up with catchphrases, they read listener emails, they do a call-in interview with their old friend Hasan Minhaj, they discuss their own battles with depression and anxiety, and they explain the end of the show.  They thank you, the listener, over and over again for being part of such a great thing.  Seriously.  Thank you.  This is a long one, because Anna and Dave just did not want to stop.  They love you.  We love you.  We'll see you February 29 at NerdMelt, and at the next thing, and the next.

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Zack is a musician based in Toronto.  He's the drummer in the band PUP, you know, that band Dave never shuts up about.  They met last summer on Warped Tour and got along immediately.  In this interview, they discuss depression in every aspect.  They talk about what leads to depression, how depression manifests itself, what could happen if gone unmanaged, how to manage it, and much more.  They also have a lot of fun.  Maybe you wouldn't think it, but when two people who fight depression get together to talk about depression, they become overjoyed.

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Dave and Anna get real dumb in this episode. They come up with at least four catch phrases and can't stop saying them. They then move into more call-in interviews, with Lisa Friedrich, Ryan Stout, Emily Maya Mills and Nate Craig. Each interview is dark, sweet and different in its own way.

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Terrified... is ending! :( But for now, Anna's back, and Dave is so excited. She and Dave briefly discuss the end of the show, and the bittersweetness of it. They then move into phone interviews with people Dave knows from the road that he's always wanted on the show. Brandon Jazz, Christina Parrish, Steve Anderson, Ryan Solomon, Zach Peterson and Asif Ali all give short interviews about their fears, anxieties, and self-loathing. These are six of Dave's favorite people, comedians and creators in the world, and each of their answers is so unique and incredible. It's a blast. Anna and Dave joke around a bunch in between, too. Follow her at. touching. cheeses.

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Kristin Rand is a comedian based in Los Angeles, CA, formerly of Denver, CO. She's the best. She and Dave discuss a litany of things, from body image to personal growth to struggling professionally to eating disorders, all the while laughing like idiots. The episode concludes with Kristin opening up for one of the first times publicly about sexual assault, and the times it's it happened to her. It's shocking and heartbreaking and sad, and yet Kristin pulls it into the uplifting and optimistic and beautiful as well. She delves into it with courage and calm. It's impressive. She's impressive. We're so thankful she decided to share with us and we commend her unendingly on opening up about something so horrifying and difficult to even accept, much less deal with in a healthy way. Like we said, she's the best.

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